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You’ll always know it’s Kelli; from her effervescent aesthetic to her charming demeanor, Kelli brings integrity and fashion to everything she touches. From cobbler to stylist to costume designer, she has worn many hats— all of them couture.

Kelli's career in the world of costuming began with volunteering for TV and film productions, taking all opportunities thrown her way. She worked years as a set and personal dresser for award-winning actors before being sought out to work more closely with design teams. Her aptitude as a costume buyer propelled her to become an assistant costume designer, being mentored by some of the top designers working today. Impressing everyone with her work ethic and creative output, Kelli now works as a costume designer on projects that satiate her innate desire to do what she does best— tell stories through textiles.

When Kelli isn't working, she can be found watching tennis, obsessing over her son and rewatching John Wick.

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